About Us

We Fix Roofs!

Klonowski Roofing is made for those who have a problem with their roof but don't need an entirely new roof, they just simply need a repair! Anthony Klonowski has been in the constuction and roofing business for over 25 years! He ran a very successful roofing company in Califorina for 25 years while building roots and raising a family in Boise, Idaho. After being in the business for so long, he has seen many roofing companies tell homeowners to replace their roof when they really just needed a repair! He has seen a lot of untrained, unlicensed roofers put on roofs that don't last! That's where Klonowski Roofing comes in! We are here save you money by fixing and saving your pre-existing roof! You get a quailty job done by someone who is experienced with a roofing and general contractor's license! 

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